Other Facilities


There is an onsite cafeteria with a variety of food and beverage options with high quality and fair prices.

Security and Parking

There is 24/7 security available with 2-4 guards available at any given point. There is secure parking within the main compound, also parking is available behind the main buildings in the alley where there is also security available.


There is 24/7 ambulance service available with a well-equipped modern ambulance vehicle.


The hospital has two lifts that can carry 1000kgs and can accommodate hospital bed and stretchers.

We have our own water well which has more than adequately satisfied the water need of the hospital with water being available 24/7.


There are two standby automatic generators.

Health Management Information System (HMIS): Patient records and financial management is computerized, almost all the hospital system has become paperless.


There is a modern laundry available on the property.

ATM and Banking Service

There is an ATM available right next to the main gate (CBE) which is accessible from outside of the compound. There are also multiple banks available within walking distance including Awash Bank, Commercial Bank, Bank of Abyssinia, United Bank, etc.,

Surrounding Restaurants and Hotels

AHH is located in the middle of Bole where many restaurant and cafes are within walking distance. These include Bekelech Kitfo, Yohannes Kitfo, Euro Shake, Azmera shiro, etc. There are also hotels within walking distance including Getfam Hotel and Capital Hotel.