In patient Room

The hospital has over hundred beds. Most of the rooms are single bed (one patient in one room), which are spacious with private bathrooms, television and comfortable electrically driven patient beds. In addition, in the second building there are four special rooms for VIP, on each floor. Each ward has nurses, mini-drug store and procedure rooms.

Patient Safety

In the interest of safety and security, patients are encouraged to remain on their assigned floors. Patients should not leave the floor without permission from the nurse.


Furthermore, regulatory agencies prohibit inpatients from entering the cafeteria or gift shop. Due to safety, risk management and patient care concerns, patients are prohibited from leaving the building for any reasons except to obtain scheduled medical services while escorted by hospital personnel.


Calling Your Nurse

There are nurse stations on every floor with a nurse available 24/7.


Your Hospital Bed

Hospital beds can be adjusted by using the controls on the beds. The beds are equipped with side rails that must be raised while you are asleep or sedated. Please call your nurse for assistance.


Patient Meal Services


Cafeteria Services

The Cafeteria offers a variety of healthy meals to admitted patients and other customers. Our chefs, food service managers and staff members are striving to make your experience both filling and memorable.

Our cafeteria operational hours for admitted patient are as follows (from Monday – Sunday):

Breakfast:  6am – 9am (12:00 –3:00 Local Time)

Lunch:  12pm – 1pm (6:00 – 7:00 Local Time)
Supper: 7pm – 8pm (1:00 – 2:00 Local Time)



Color television sets are provided in each room for your enjoyment and can be controlled with the remote control. There are also USB ports available on each television




Cleaning crew

The cleaning crew will come to your room 2 or 3 times per day at which point attendants will be asked to leave the room in order to attain a thorough and deep clean.



It is our hospital policy in which we do not allow bed linens, pillows, comforts and mattress’ to enter the compound. This is to respect and attain the safety of all our patients and staff. Thank you for understanding.