Emergency Services

Our Emergency Department staff provides high-quality and compassionate care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The dedicated team of professionals are committed to excellence and dedicated to saving lives. Whether you arrive with a broken bones or a heart attack, our certified and specially trained physicians and nurses are committed to providing you the highest level of emergency care in a safe environment. We provide Emergency and Trauma Care to adults as well as pediatric patients.

Our department is well furnished to support critical and emergency patient. It contains two patient monitors, intubation facilities such as laryngoscope, endotracheal tube and air way. In addition, defibrillator, nebulizers, suction machine, pulse oximeter, ECG, resuscitation facilities like ambu-bag, infusion pumps are also available.

In addition essential life-saving emergency drugs are also available. In the emergency room there are emergency laboratory and pharmacy which makes it convenient to provide these services when the need arises.

We have one of the best emergency departments, with a long history of providing outstanding quality with a caring and efficient environment available on site 24/7 with a supportive and experienced nursing staff and a well-equipped facility to attend emergent cases in a timely and appropriate manner. There are 5 available beds in the ER where patients are kept temporarily while receiving lifesaving management.

Our emergency room is found immediately in front of the main entrance which is accessible and visible for patients and ambulances this makes it convenient to access emergency patients.