Otorhinolaryngology is a surgical subspecialty within medicine that deals with the surgical and medical management of conditions of the head and neck. Doctors who specialize in this area are called otorhinolaryngologists, otolaryngologists, head and neck surgeons, or ENT surgeons or physicians. Patients seek treatment from an otorhinolaryngologist for diseases of the ear, nose, throat, base of the skull, head, and neck. These commonly include functional diseases that affect the senses and activities of eating, drinking, speaking, breathing, swallowing, and hearing. In addition, ENT surgery encompasses the surgical management and reconstruction of cancers and benign tumors of the head and neck as well as plastic surgery of the face and neck.


You depend on your ears, nose and throat every day to hear, smell, breathe and speak. When you have a condition that affects one of these functions, it can impair your quality of life. We provide complete care for your symptoms using advanced technology. Depending on the cause of your problems, our physicians will recommend treatments for you.


We offer the latest technology to treat cases by experienced ENT specialist who has a rich experience in this field. The ENT department is equipped with good light source, suction machine, endoscopic diagnostic equipment, audiometer and other diagnostic sets which are useful for ENT examination. Operating microscope and laryngoscope are also available and practically all type of ENT surgeries can be done. Every year from 400-500 ENT surgeries are performed in the hospital.


Clinic Hours

Monday/Wednesday/Friday –8am – 11:30am (2:00-5:30 Local time)

Tuesday-From 1pm (7:00 local time)