For your doctor to make the right diagnosis, they need as much information as possible. That is where our pathology and lab teams come in to deliver fast and accurate results. We operate 24/7 so your doctor can complete your diagnosis and treatment as quickly as possible.


The hospital has modern laboratory that functions 24hours day. Almost all  of the laboratory investigations are being performed in the hospital. There are six well trained and experienced laboratory technologists. The hospital is accredited by the Ethiopia standard authority. In addition to the simple tests, the hospital provides the following laboratory tests:

  • CD4 using FACS machine
  • Chemistry using the human 80 and 200 modern chemistry machine that can perform more 200 blood tests at the same time
  • Serum Electrolyte determination
  • Coagulation profile like PT,PTT, INR
  • Complete blood count using two modern Human machines
  • Serology test that include, RPR, VDRL, RF, ANA, ASO titer, Widal, Weil-Felix, H.pylori, HBsAg
  • Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)
  • Hemoglobin A1c determining machine
  • Sperm analysis
  • ELISA machines( Human and Vidas) to determine hormones and tumor markers,
  • Serum electrophoresis
  • Blood Bank
  • indirect Coombs test
  • Urea breathe test
  • ESR machine
  • Culture and sensitivity tests

Phlebotomy Services located at ground floor of 1st building utilize the services 24 hour.