Out-Patient Services

The Out Patient Department (OPD) is clean and spacious. It has adequate waiting area which is well illuminated and ventilated. In the OPD there are 14 examination rooms with the necessary instruments to examine out patients.

We give provides 24hours services in various disciplines and each service provides patients the convenience of accessible quality service in a comfortable environment by a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals.

There are nurse stations and dressing facilities and well equipped minor surgery room. In addition the OPD is equipped with diagnostic facilities which include, ECG, diagnostic set, BP apparatus. In addition to the above mentioned facilities the following specialty clinics are available in the OPD.

Triage Station: -The initial assessment of the patient is performed, patients are categorized based on the acuity of their condition. Patients are then directed to the appropriate designated Treatment Area for further management.

The pain clinic (which is unique service of the hospital) is located in the OPD. This clinic provides pain relieving procedures for patients suffering from severe chronic pain.