Computed tomography (CT), sometimes called a CAT scan, uses x-rays and computers to create an image of the inside of the body. Most parts of the body can be examined using CT.


The CT machine makes images that are different from a regular x-ray. It makes cross-sectional images of the body, most often referred to as slices. The CT scanner takes pictures of different sections or slices of tissue as the body moves through the machine. The examination will take 10-15minutes.


Some examinations may require IV (intravenous) or oral contrast in order to acquire the images required for interpretation. Some blood work namely Renal Function Test (RFT) might be required to safely administer the contrast.


AHH is the first private hospital with 64 slice GE EVO Revolution CTscan which gives high resolution images with volume rendering and CT Angiography with automatic injector as well as ECG gated Cardiac CT. Our special automatic injector gives the perfect images needed especially to diagnose vascular pathologies.



A full-time service 24/7 with night time radiology interpretations and readings also available.

CT images taken elsewhere can also be interpreted by our radiologists.