An ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images of the organs and soft tissues inside the body that can be viewed live on a computer screen. The human ear cannot hear these echoes, so a special wand called a transducer is used.

The ultrasound machine looks like a large computer on wheels. The transducer is attached to the machine. The images are viewed live and continually on the computer screen. While viewing the images live, the radiologist will take a series of “static” or still images or pictures, for referring physicians to see &/or for patients to have for themselves.

We currently have two very modern ultrasound machines which produce excellent quality images as well as radiologist who are very experienced and have been working for many years. The ultrasound service also function 24hrs a day with on-site night time duty team.

Some pre-exam preparations will be required for the following exams:

  • Abdominopelvic/pelvic ultrasound: a full bladder for visualization of pelvic organs
  • Abdomen (especially liver pathologies) might require fasting of at least 6 hours prior to examination.
  • If the examination is to focus on stomach or pancreas, on table water consumption might be requested by the radiologist depending on visibility.



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