The surgical department in Addis Hiwot Hospital provides state of art surgical services. The surgical staff has the experience and knowledge to perform procedures to treat the simplest to the most complex diseases. The department is focused on supporting the health needs of the people in our community.

Services include pre-admission testing, the surgical procedure itself and patient recovery monitoring and follow up where patients are followed after discharge from hospital.

The surgeons are recognized nationally and internationally for their surgical knowledge and offer the most comprehensive care for the treatment of vast areas including colorectal, hepatobiliary, pediatric surgery and many more.

The OR staff is one that is highly acclaimed with many years of professionalism and expertise.

The operation theatre (OR) is located in the 6th floor of 1st building dedicated for this service. The Operation Theatre is well organized, with all essential equipment to perform three majors surgeries at the same time. There are three modern Operation theatres (OR) tables, the state of art led operating light and continuous patient monitoring system and stand by defibrillator. The OR is also equipped with modern Laparoscopic tower and endo-urology setups.

Right next to the Operation theatre, there is a recovery room for immediate post-operative patients until they fully recover from anesthesia. The recovery room has five modern patient beds and is equipped with suction machines, patient monitors, pulse oximeters and infusion pumps. Drugs required for immediate post-operative care are also available.

Recently, the hospital has bought two modern operation beds, two anesthesia machines and one orthopedic unit and five patient monitors with capnography. This has completely modernized the operation theatre and has made it one of the best and safest in the country.

We understand that when you’re facing surgery, it’s never routine to you, and your successful outcome is always our goal.