Currently, due to COVID-19, visitors are not allowed, only 1 attendant per patient is permitted.Learn more


Ward Patients

Visiting Hours

Mon-Fri 6am – 8am (12:00-2:00 Local Time)

Sat. – 12pm – 8pm (6:00-2:00 Local Time)

Sun.- 6am – 8pm (12:00-2:00 Local Time)



Visiting Hours

Visits are allowed daily before 8am in the morning (2:00 Local time)

  • If the patient’s condition changes, relatives will be informed and allowed to visit their loved ones outside of these hours
  • Only close relatives are allowed visitation unless directed otherwise by a family representative.
  • Visitors must wear shoes cover and apron whilst entering the ICU



Visiting Hours

  • Visits are allowed for Mothers every 2 hr. for breast feeding and 2 times per day for fathers.
  • Our NICU team will discuss your infant’s condition and management with you daily.
  • Parents are encouraged to visit daily and participate in decision-making.